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Large and Small Quantities and Installation

Open to Professional Landscapers, Homeowners and DIY Gardeners

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm.

On Site Visits by Appointment Only 425-905-0223 Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you in soon. 

Buy Direct from our Nursery and $ave on Mature Privacy Trees.

Evergreens Nursery Trees is a Specialty Nursery for people who love gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Evergreens Nursery offers a large selection of the regions most popular Privacy Evergreens, Hedges, Ornamental Trees and Fruit Trees.  


Semi-Dwarf Trees
Will produce fruit this season!

Bing Cherry $60 #10 gal
Bosc Pear $40 #10 gal
Frost Peach $60 #10 gal
Fuji Apple $60 #10 gal
Goldmine Nectarine $60 #10 gal

Italian Plum $60 #10 gal
Rainer Cherry $40 #10 gal
Santa rosa plum $60 #10 gal
Stanley Plum $60 #10 gal
Honeycrisp apple $40 #5 gallons
Gala Apple dwarf $40 #5 gallons

Will produce fruit next year (2022)
Moorpark Apricot $60 #5 gal


Semi-Dwarf Combination Trees 
Cherry $60 #10 gal
Apples $60 #10 gal

Open to the Professional Landscapers, Homeowners & DIY Gardeners
By Appointment Only: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Please call 425-905-0223 to schedule a visit.

NOTE: Evergreens Nursery is not a full-service garden store, we are a tree and plant nursery, our gardens can be wet and muddy at times, so please dress appropriately if you plan to walk the grounds.

Developers, Property Managers and Landscapers, if you need 100 or more of a particular hedge, tree or plant, get your orders in for Spring Delivery ASAP!


Wholesale Inquires Welcome.

Evergreens Nursery offers healthy, mature trees and plants grown in Washington at prices that will
save $ compared to Box Store and Seasonal Garden Center prices for trees of the same quality and maturity.